No one guessed it outright (unless they never said anything) but I made another claymation! This time I remixed the Philip DeFranco office vlogs. Please be nice as this is my second ever claymation and I am so nervous right now. I hope you like it. Also a boost to this one would be much appreciated. #withcaptions as always. And you know you want to subscribe after this and have everyone you know see it…

bowls or pasties?

Drunk crafting returns (video here) and I’m really not quite sure what I made. Are they bowls made from thread and way too much glue or are they pasties? You tell me. Also save me from the glue. #withcaptions as always. And don’t forget to share the video while you are there, like, and subscribe, all that jazz. If you do, you get eternal sunshine as long as your mind is spotless.

(eternal sunshine not guaranteed)