such a hard game

These dummies are not durable and their heads keep popping off! This is such a hard game, you have no idea. It’s the Dummy Experiment and watch the play through here. Save yourself, don’t use WASD for this, just trust me, or watch and see why. #withcaptions as always. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there and leave a comment letting me know what I should play next or any tips you have for the game.


why I constantly promote

I realize this blog has become almost 100% promotion of my youtube. This is for a few reasons. Some I won’t bother to go into that involve some jerks who don’t deserve the effort. But really, I just want people to see my videos.

I want to hit 100 subscribers. I want the short channel name. Ideally by my birthday on the 28th although that most likely won’t happen.


It isn’t a monetary thing.

It isn’t a fame thing.

I’m funny. I crack myself up. I love the content I make and I enjoy consuming it. I can’t be alone.

I want to spread this. I want to spread joy and laughter and reprieve from the daily dredge that life can be. I want to be a friend, a reprieve, someone you can go to and see when you want or need. Someone like all those youtubers who are there for me that I’ve never met.

I’m funny. I bet you think so too.

Plus I put a ton of effort and time into this. I love it and I just want people to be exposed to it too and hopefully enjoy the content as well.

So now I beg the internet, help me grow. I’m stuck as to what to do. Watch my videos, subscribe if you like them or to support, leave comments, and if nothing else, share my channel or my videos. Or even interact with me on social media.

Much love to all and happy father’s day to everyone out there and also love and support to those who have a hard time with this day.


I felt bad about not posting much recently and I had my mind set to write episode 4 of the tales of loss series. I have gotten down to some of the harder ones to write. Some are just emotionally difficult and some are also a little hard to explain. I have an idea to write 3 more in the series and just lump some of the loss together since it happened due to fall out. Anyway, I was going to write the next episode today. The one that got away. I knew it would be emotional but also healing. So I got done what I needed to and I picked up my phone to write and saw an instagram notification. The brother of the one that got away is now following me. I don’t know why. But it wasn’t an accident. It has been an hour. Still following.

This shouldn’t get in my head but it does. Just enough for me to not write that blog today.

It will come later. I am not trying to ignore this blog or just promote my YouTube channel.