facing fears

2018 is a great time to face fears, right? That is exactly what I did in today’s video (at least one of mine). Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there and remember that sharing is caring. #withcaptions as always.


birthday tarot reading

What better way to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (June 28th) than with a tarot card reading? You’ll never guess what it says. Check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there and leave a comment. Also the best b-day gift is to share my channel or video. #withcaptions as always.

day 21 – drunk games

Today’s video is a new (maybe?) challenge that I came up with – drunk minute games in the style of Minute to Win It. Guess how well I did? Or rather go check it out and see… #withcaptions

Side note I am really faltering right now. I have stuff ready for most of the rest of the month but I have lost some subscribers and am feeling kinda down. Numbers aren’t the greatest and I think I am feeling this more today since my boss just “retired” and told us this whole story that makes no sense at all. She muttered when she left (she only gave us 2 hours notice that she was out) that it wasn’t true. I think she was let go and I don’t know how much time I have left. I was hoping to make my career more freelance if this one falls through but I am nowhere near there yet with youtube, etsy, and my fitness jobs. I am afraid I am going to lose everything.

But back to happy, check out the video. It is really funny this time, at least I think so. And if you want to support me, watch through to the ends of the videos (I do put a blooper at the end of each), like, comment, share, subscribe, watch the ads, etc. I am on almost all social media as amandatheg.

t.t.t.t.t. Tuesday

Yep, Tuesday again which means new video is up on YouTube. Return of drunk crafting which means there will be a lot of swearing, y’all have been warned. Please support me by watching the ads and the video. And if you are inclined, like, comment, and share the video. I really appreciate it. As always, I captioned the video myself so the wording should be accurate. #withcaptions

I will be writing more this week, promise.