Bob’s Adventure

I wrote a sci fi quest story in high school. Watch the video for a nice family friendly bedtime story. You know the drill – like, comment, subscribe, share. #withcaptions as always


accident prone

How many toes do I have? Hint – the answer is not 10. Watch the video for more info on that story. It is a good one. And don’t forget to subscribe while you are there and share the video for eternal good fortune (not guaranteed). #withcaptions as always.

I almost died

Go watch my video for the story of my terrible trip where I almost died twice. Someone must be looking out for me. #withcaptions as always. Y’all know the deal. Like, comment, share, subscribe, etc. I’d love to get more people in and watching my content so if you see a video you like, or if you like my content in general, please share it and spread the word and I promise to send all the good juju I can to anyone who does 🙂

holiday post part 2

I have finally finished all of my cookies and I posted about this on my other blog but I want to brighten someone’s holiday. I know I am not the only person who has difficulty during this season. If you yourself or someone you know has had a particularly difficult year or will be having a difficult holiday season, please leave the story in a comment below (no names needed). I will pick one person who is the most in need of a little holiday cheer and mail them a tin of cookies. I will then contact you for the address.