Bob’s Adventure

I wrote a sci fi quest story in high school. Watch the video for a nice family friendly bedtime story. You know the drill – like, comment, subscribe, share. #withcaptions as always


time travel

Let’s travel back in time and read my 8th grade yearbook signatures in this week’s  video. What were we thinking writing this stuff? Also answers the question how short was Amanda in 8th grade, the answer may shock you. #withcaptions as always. And be sure to subscribe and share the video. I have some big things coming.

I almost died

Go watch my video for the story of my terrible trip where I almost died twice. Someone must be looking out for me. #withcaptions as always. Y’all know the deal. Like, comment, share, subscribe, etc. I’d love to get more people in and watching my content so if you see a video you like, or if you like my content in general, please share it and spread the word and I promise to send all the good juju I can to anyone who does 🙂