more basement storage

Let’s see some more of the things that packrat Amanda has held onto for YEARS, video here. You know the drill – like, comment, subscribe, share, etc. #withcaptions as always.


this is fun, right?

For this fun Friday, let’s rip my heart out. That’s fun, right? Watch here and then let me know (anywhere) if you are #teamwearthehat or #teamdontwearthehat. Don’t forget to subscribe for more when you are there and the little bell thingie will turn on notifications. #withcaptions as always.

go ahead and guess

I bet you can’t guess what I used to bring for lunch in elementary school (I was trusted to make it myself). Watch the video and see. Let me know if you guessed it in the comments or what you brought for lunch. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content when you are there. Share with your lunch buddies 🙂 #withcaptions as always.

my life through dresses

Today’s video might end up being a series (let me know if you want more). I attempted to fit in dresses from my past – college and high school – and reminisced about those times. Complete with embarrassing pictures. Go watch and let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there. Sharing is caring. #withcaptions as always

time travel

Let’s travel back in time and read my 8th grade yearbook signatures in this week’s  video. What were we thinking writing this stuff? Also answers the question how short was Amanda in 8th grade, the answer may shock you. #withcaptions as always. And be sure to subscribe and share the video. I have some big things coming.