update on the ring candles

I am not to the point that I can write a full review but I can start.

To begin with, I finally heard back from them and they assured me that they were sending a replacement candle for the broken one. They asked for a picture first but are sending the replacement. The candle isn’t shattered but there is a long crack and I fear it dripping or shattering if I light it. They aren’t making me mail it back. They are also sending the free ring I was promised. I will have to wait for that to arrive to make my final call on the company.

I got the first candle down to the ring, or so I thought. The cranberry pear smells pretty good and burns evenly. I will be reusing the glass when it is done. It doesn’t add a lot of scent into the room but it does add some.

I normally don’t burn candles for long periods of time but I was really anxious to get to the first ring. It burned for a few hours daily until I was able to see the foil that covers the ring from the top of the candle today. The candle is less than an inch burned down so it has quite a bit of life left.

I learned that you need to wait until the foil extends above the wax line because of how the ring is placed (vertically). It gets stuck otherwise. I wanted it and I thought I could get it out with tweezers. I did succeed but the foil is still in the candle. I really should have let it burn for another hour. In the process of removing the ring, I accidentally punctured the foil and the bag. This caused the ring to be covered in wax.

A half hour of careful melting later, I managed to get the wax off.

I then went online and entered the code included with the ring to see if I won a free one and to check the value of the ring. I didn’t win. I thought it was worth $10 (the low end) and I was right. But it is pretty.



There it is. My $10 ring included in a $25 candle. My total order cost was about $75 and by the end if all the rings are worth the low end, I will have $50 in rings and 3 glasses I can reuse. Not too bad. I will have to dig out that one in the broken candle.

Oh and the ring fits because you select the size when you purchase the candle which is awesome.

More review to come when I get the rest of the rings and the replacements.