This freaky Friday video was my literal nightmare. So much fear. Enjoy my pain and terror. Please share this video to help ease the suffering / spread the laughter and joy with others. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you are there. The channel is so close to 100 subscribers, I can’t believe it! #withcaptions as always.


costume ideas

Need a costume for Halloween and don’t have ideas? Or just want something quick and easy? Or are you in a bind and need something now? Don’t worry, I got you covered in this video with these topical costumes that use things around your house and little prep time. Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there and share this video with anyone who needs costume ideas (or just would like it, you do you).  #withcaptions as always.

AI is the best

This week’s video is a taste test / cooking challenge of a recipe generated by a neural network (AI). Definitely not poison. Go watch and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. Sharing is caring 🙂 #withcaptions as always.

subscribers, posting here, etc

So you may notice that I don’t post much on this blog other than as a promotion. I just wanted to address that real quick. I have some people who stalk this blog attempting to get me in trouble and I have had to hold my tongue although there is nothing at all wrong with my posts or using this site in the way that I do. It was just easier not to post. I apologize for that. I don’t really know if it will change or not.

I have really been putting my all into my youtube recently and I really want it to grow. It isn’t because I want to be famous or think I’m going to be able to do that full time or anything. I just put so much into it and I enjoy the content that I create and I think others will as well. It is just so hard to get noticed. So here is where you come in, it you want. Check out the channel, interact, subscribe, share videos or the channel on social media, spread the word. I really want to get to 100 subscribers but not to feed my ego. 100 subs gives you a short channel name (which just makes things easier) and the ability to stream on mobile. I don’t have internet at home right now so I can’t stream.