bowls or pasties?

Drunk crafting returns (video here) and I’m really not quite sure what I made. Are they bowls made from thread and way too much glue or are they pasties? You tell me. Also save me from the glue. #withcaptions as always. And don’t forget to share the video while you are there, like, and subscribe, all that jazz. If you do, you get eternal sunshine as long as your mind is spotless.

(eternal sunshine not guaranteed)


happy Tuesday

Yep, Tuesday means new video is posted. I went on a rant about the USPS and I did close caption it as always. I think I was able to get the sound a little better and I do have my eye on a new camera and mic that I will hopefully have enough back from my taxes to purchase. As always, please like the video and subscribe to my channel, leave me a comment, and share the video. Please watch the ads and don’t embed the video but share a link so people watch it on youtube. Thanks so much for the support!

to do list for today

Normally I write a to do list and I can filter some of it off onto another day. It is a good day if I get half done. Today I cannot push any of these aside.

My to do list:

  1. finish work at my day desk job
  2. grocery store (I need cold medicine and soup, forget the rest)
  3. coffee shop to bum wifi and upload my next YouTube video (I post every Tuesday to my channel)
  4. learn 43 since I have to teach it tomorrow
    1. watch the preview
    2. write my notes
    3. do the entire workout from notes
  5. go to the studio and take a PILOXING class to audition the instructor and then close the studio after class since she doesn’t have a key
  6. shower because I will stink
  7. laundry since I will be out of workout clothes
  8. knit the last sock in this order
  9. knit a hat
  10. pack up all orders to ship hopefully tomorrow
  11. sleep?

And I wonder why I get sick. I might do too much.

Anyway, watch my YouTube videos, like, comment, and subscribe if you are so inclined. The most recent one doesn’t have swearing.

***UPDATE – video is live, links have been added***

the thing I did

Yep, I can stop being vague now. I recorded and just recently posted my first video on YouTube.

Please watch if you would like and then like and subscribe if you are so inclined.

The video can be found at this link.

WARNING: I swear, a lot. That is why I didn’t post it directly here.

I will continue my blogs. This is just an attempt to expand into another form of media.