time for a revisit, with a nerdy spin

Drunk crafting returns with companion cube bath bombs (bonus, they are gingerbread), video / tutorial here. Don’t forget to share the video and subscribe while you are at it. #withcaptions as always.


cheap + easy DIY

Drunk crafting returns today with a super cheap and easy DIY from household items – candles! Check out the video here. Don’t forget to post a picture (anywhere) and @ me if you make these, I’d love to see it. #withcaptions as always. Like and subscribe while you are there and share the video with a crafty (or craft challenged) friend. Anyone can make these, promise.

burned out bulbs

Drunk crafting is back today upcycling a burned out light bulb into a genie bottle. Watch the video here and don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. If you make these, tag me or send them to me on Twitter or Instagram (amandatheg on both), I’d love to see them. #withcaptions as always.