an actual challenge

There is an actual challenge going around – one that requires some sort of skill and not stupidity (who would believe it?). It is the paper challenge. Watch me attempt it here. It is so hard. While you are there, why not share the video and subscribe to the channel? In less than a week, youtube will remove my partnership, which I am trying really hard to take in a positive light, but it would still be nice to be able to meet (or at least get closer to) their new thresholds before then 🙂

Oh and #withcaptions as always 🙂


hard mode: unlocked

The yoga challenge went so well last time (*cough*) that clearly this time around hard mode had to be activated. Watch as I achieve what can only be called yoga master status and don’t fall at all or fail at any of the poses…

Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there and share the video with a friend 🙂

#withcaptions as always