creepy people

People seriously need to stop being so creepy, it is online dating, not a horror movie. Watch the newest COBS here and let me know what you think in the comments. #withcaptions as always. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss videos (and click that bell icon to get notifications since sub boxes don’t always work, gotta love crazy uncle YouTube, right?)


isn’t it a little bit sad?

COBS returns today with more online dating BS but this one is special – all profiles. Watch the video and subscribe while you are there. Share with a friend (or stranger or enemy, your call). #withcaptions as always.

why, just why?

I really wonder what people are thinking when they type some of these online dating messages. Yes, COBS is back! Click for laughs and send to people who could use a chuckle (or those who couldn’t, your choice). You know the drill, like and subscribe while you are there. Also send screen shots to me on twitter or instagram if you want them included in the future. #withcaptions as always.