how to purchase on Etsy and not piss off sellers

Yeah I know, I am actually writing a post not about a video. Sometimes I do this.

Tips from an Etsy seller on how to purchase and not be a jerk:

  • look at every picture
    • these are here for a reason
    • they typically show different angles and different color options (if available) and can probably answer your questions
  • read the description
    • yes the whole thing
    • it explains all common questions like how long does it take, what color is it, etc
  • read the shop policies
    • you agree to these when you purchase, don’t expect individual sellers to have the same policies as Amazon
  • look at the shipping section
    • guess what is here? when it ships! and how much shipping is
    • it tells you when it ships!
    • saying this again for the people in the back – it will tell you when the item is likely to ship by
    • oh yeah this isn’t a guarantee, most shops clearly state that around the holidays processing times may increase
    • you are wasting time
    • stop it
    • for real, stop it
  • remember that the handmade shops are small businesses, many only have the one person
    • wait on responses
    • expect this to take time, most items are made to order
    • follow the shop policies
    • do not expect any policy to be bent for you
    • do not haggle
  • if you want anything at all custom about your order – MESSAGE THE SELLER PRIOR TO PURCHASE
    • for real, do not order something and state in the message to seller that you want anything at all different than is ordered
    • expect this to cost $$
    • customized items will frequently have an additional cost since they may require additional time, supplies, etc
  • if you want an item to ship by a certain date that is before the shipping section states – MESSAGE THE SELLER PRIOR TO PURCHASE
    • I really can’t state this enough
    • message before you buy
    • this might not be an option depending on a lot of factors
      • remember how these are individuals? yeah they only have 2 hands and so much time in the day and aren’t robots and have other things they need to do
    • this also probably costs $$
      • rush shipping is more expensive
      • rush orders typically have a fee since this requires the seller to create the item faster than they have allotted to do so
        • don’t haggle this
        • don’t be a jackass
  • so basically, read everything, message if you have any questions or want anything at all different than what is provided and when it is scheduled to ship by, be nice, wait for a response, be polite, be patient, order early, expect all policies to apply to you (yes even you, precious), and don’t expect that all your timing or customizations can be filled during busy seasons


Just be a good person.



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