subtitling rant

Ok, I posted some of this on my Twitter but I was adding subtitles to a Philip DeFranco video and I noticed something that is pissing me the hell off.

Thankfully this wasn’t live or even submitted for review so I was able to fix all of this shit but this is what happened on the caps.

First off, someone hit the damn auto caps. This doesn’t work dudes! It makes more work.

Second and way bigger of an issue – someone not only hit the auto caps and then didn’t fix them but went through and found all mentions of Donald Trump and then added some stupid qualifiers that were anti-trump quotes next to each one. That is so much work! What the ever living fuck is wrong with you mother fucking piece of shit?

Yes, I am cursing. I am mad.

How dare you? The CC is not for you! It is for people who cannot hear or have difficulty understanding or don’t have sound, whatever. It isn’t your area. It isn’t your video. I don’t support Trump but come on. Leave your opinions and your comments the fuck out of the CC. Want to spout your views? Make your own vid, leave a comment, go to social media, yell from your damn front steps for all I give a shit. THIS IS NOT YOUR VIDEO, THIS IS NOT YOUR PLATFORM, THIS IS NOT YOUR AREA TO COMMUNICATE, THIS IS NOT YOUR CC BOX, THE CC’S ARE NOT YOURS, THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU!

Holy fucking crap.

I partially blame the YouTube heroes thing for this and I partially just blame politics and the anonymity of the internet, but I mainly blame the entitled fucking ass hat who thought that his shit doesn’t stink and could blatantly defile the CC.

And this person is going to have their user name and link to their channel in the description for contributing in all likelihood!

I fixed that shit, I did the work, why the hell is your entitled bullshit asshole getting credit?

Do us all a favor, remove your hands from the keyboard and mouse, don’t touch them again, and go away. Goddamn bullshit.

I am so pissed.

And people wonder why I want this to be a paid position – so this shit is weeded the fuck out and CC are done correctly. Also so I can spend way more time doing it and CC way more content by doing it full time (or let’s be honest, way more than full time).


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