something changed – cue internet freakout

No one likes change and the internet gets this mob mentality and it can go so over the top (remember when Instagram changed their icon?) but this time, I get the unrest.

If you haven’t heard, it appears that there has been a change in YouTube as far as advertising. I am going to write this from the level of you don’t know anything about how creators get paid and the background processes involved. Feel free to skim ahead past what you know.

Creators can make money off of YouTube in several different ways that do not really involve YouTube, like sponsorships and merchandise, but also make money directly from YouTube through a share in the ad revenue. Whenever you see an ad in the beginning of a video or off to the side, that creator is sharing in that profit (fyi they don’t get much). If you skip the ad or have an ad blocker, they get nothing. If it is a smaller channel, the only revenue they are directly receiving when you watch a video is from the ads.

YouTube has an amazing ability to control this on many different levels. You might be amazed how much you are steered by their algorithms. Chad Wild Clay did a great job explaining these algorithms and how they relate to view counts, so I suggest watching that video for more information. And that video is subtitled by the way.

So you are already somewhat restrained on how much your video will most likely make. And having an algorithm makes sense to show people what they would want to see; however, it completely cuts out the little guy. So if you are starting, good luck.

You can also add a button to your channel page to allow for donations or set up something like a Patreon. I don’t really know how I feel about that or how others do and how well they do but more on that later.

So last night or maybe a few days ago, YouTube started removing the monitization from some big creators on some of their videos. They are doing so for very vague reasons and calling them not “advertiser friendly.” Some of these include (and this is from their website, although I couldn’t find this and saw it posted by Philip DeFranco:

  • sexually suggestive content including partial nudity and sexual humor
  • violence, including display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism
  • inappropriate language, including harassment, swearing, and vulgar language
  • promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use, and abuse of such items
  • controversial or sensitive subjects, even if graphic imagery is not shown

Ok so Philip DeFranco posted this video yesterday talking about it as 20 of his videos have been demonitized. Sorry, that video is not subtitled. I do a lot of subtitling for that channel but for some reason this one wasn’t open to that and does not have the autocaptions either. But if you find him on Facebook, it is.

This is hitting all different channels and there have been posts of people who are being demonitized for things like talking about depression.

How are the gamers going to deal with this?

How am I? I swear. A lot.

I am really nervous and this seems to be out of nowhere although the statement so far from YouTube seems to be this was always in place and we are just notifying you better now.

To me, it seems that “advertiser friendly” should be anything with views. Ads are targeted (you seriously lose at least half of your earnings if you turn off targeted ads) so it seems that everything would really self-regulate. More views = more ads seen = more clicks = more potential revenue. That just makes sense to me but this is YouTube and the internet and business so they can do what they want.

I have been kind of out of it since this happened. I am afraid that the algorithms that already push me down to nothing are going to be even worse now because I call my hot glue gun “bitchface” and have a series called “calling you out on your bullshit.” Not to mention the other filth that I spew. But if people are effectively being forced to remain silent (as they are no longer receiving their income) and fit in these boxes over the littlest things, what is going to happen to me? To other creators? To YouTube?


I have thought long and hard about this. I refuse to censor myself. I swear in daily life all the time. Why would I be a different person online? I refuse to be that fake and to fit their molds for me. If I lose monitization, ok. I am not at the level where I am really making much of anything on YouTube anyway, although that is where I would like to head towards (and really the subtitling thing but that is another post). I fear that it will hold me back but I refuse to stop. I love doing this. My purpose in YouTube is to bring entertainment to people and also serve as a creative outlet for myself. I will keep doing this as long as I can.

On that note, I have decided to add “fan funding” to my channel, as much as I hate that term. I am not going to promote this all over the place, but it is there. I am not going to ask people to do a thing about it. Whatever happens with that, happens with that.

And if you want to check my channel out you can do so here. All videos are subtitled.

Total side note, just got my first major hate comment, so there’s that:

9-1-2016 12-14-38 PM


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