How is July nearing the end already? I have no idea where this year is going. I figured I would update y’all on my life and what I have been doing this month.

Pokemon GO is out so I have been spending a lot of time on that. The servers are down more than I would like and I don’t have a lot of time with working so I am not at anywhere near an impressive level. Maybe I would be if there was a gym or a pokestop or something in range of my house or any job but that is just how it goes.

I finally got around to the fairy garden which I posted about. It is doing well despite the heat. It is inside which helps.

My zucchini plants died with the storms and heat which I am sad about. I was hoping to do some pickling this year. Of well. My squash never started either. The eggplant on the other hand is doing amazing and I might be able to pickle it the same way as zucchini. The tomatoes and all the flowers are still going great. My bushes started flowering. So pretty.


Ignore the grass in that picture. I need to mow but it is so hot.

I went to visit my family for a few days and it was awesome. I love my nieces so much. Sleep was hard to find but that is ok. They are worth it and so much more.

I posted a video that I am really passionate about and I really want it to get spread around. I am hoping to make things better. Good vibes to all those who watch and extra special good vibes to those who share it. You can tag me in posts or follow me on social (Twitter @amandatheg, Instagram amandatheg, Dysh amandatheg, Snapchat amandatheg).

I almost finished the Witness. Just the finale left. I love this game.

Other than that I have been working a ton and that is about all. I have to film more tomorrow and get a bunch done. I am planning on filming 3 to 5 videos so that I have some time to learn a little animating software. I am hoping to add some to vlogs but we will see. I also want to have some time to play the new video games that I downloaded.

I have a fitness photo shoot this weekend and then I will be doing some updates at the studio sometime later this month. Maybe one of these days I will have more time. But knowing me, I would probably just fill it anyway.


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