where does the time go?

Another 3 day weekend is almost gone and I feel like I need another weekend to recover. Where does the time go? This weekend it went to:

filming 3 videos involving 7 sets, 10 costumes, 6 hairstyles, 5 make up looks, and 1 craft

editing all of those videos which included some fancy tricks, a lot of splicing, and a bunch of music and sound effects

making thumbnails and subtitling those videos

teaching PiYo once, circuits once, and taking a PiYo class

going strawberry picking with a friend including 1.5 hours of driving to get 21 lbs worth

making 16 jars of jam and 14 of syrup from the strawberries

mowing the front and back yards between rain and almost passing out doing so because of the heat and working out earlier

dealing with a sunburn despite using sunscreen

giving up on outside work

finishing knitting a pair of socks

crocheting almost half a blanket

fixing the toilet at the studio

cleaning up all but the canner from the jam making session

labeling all the jam and putting it away on the new jam shelf in the basement (side note – love that thing)

dealing with some massive GI unhappiness (thank you endo…)

removing the hair dye from my hair and scalp and bathroom (see above)

running the dishwasher and emptying it twice

actually cooking dinner

Target run for canning stuff and soda

I feel like I didn’t get enough done. I had really wanted to get my gardens cleaned out of grass and weeks and the plants that didn’t survive the winter and then replanted. But I didn’t get any of that done nor did I get plants. Maybe next weekend. I also still need to do the planters. My house is a mess too. There is never enough time.


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