roller coaster 2 days

Yesterday and today have been insane at work and otherwise. So much up and down and middle. Here it is in order (like my formatting?):


got to work

the shared mailbox wasn’t that busy

I found out the new report I have to work with my colleague is a test to figure out which one of us will be promoted and which won’t (possibly losing their job)

my colleague and I decided to work together and screw the fighting for a job thing

we started to figure out the report which makes 0 sense

I got bombarded with emails and questions, not making productivity

we went to lunch paid for by the company

the restaurant didn’t make the vegetarian food they should have, but I still managed to find something to eat

the boss who wants to outsource us tried to make nice and sat by me

we went to play games, once more on the company

games were fun with friends

I got a bunch of points and then 4 colleagues donated theirs to me

best day ever – I got a bunch of nerd stuff for my cubicle

I stopped by the studio to go over some things with the owner who is in from out of town before I went home

I cut my thumb while cooking dinner pretty badly

I went to bed

back to work

not too bad with work in mailbox and I was actually able to get some productive things done

my meeting with my boss didn’t happen because her computer wouldn’t work

the person I have been busting my ass for insulted me and yelled via email so terribly I ended up sobbing at my desk. Editor on the email did nothing just like she has done and said nothing since the beginning as this dude screams and talks down to me

my friend texts me. Her friend has cancer (known for a while now) and is dying (also known) but faster than expected so instead of taking her dog starting Saturday, she is dropping him off today right after I get out of work and heading to go say goodbye


Sometimes things get put in perspective.


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