working on borrowed time update

Read the first post here.

The rumors have been addressed.

You will not be losing your jobs this year.

There was a strong emphasis on ‘this year.’ Jan 1 is not this year. Is it Jan 1? When? And why did it take so long to say anything?

Head of the department “retired” with one hour notice during the middle of the payout. Because that is believable.

No one is addressing it.

Big bosses are coming over for two weeks from the UK starting next week. One is the entire reason that the company has done any finance outsourcing. She is completely blind to the issues and to the people and really couldn’t give two craps as long as she gets her fat bonus pay. I think my feelings on her are known.

There are rumors.

Now the rumors are that 5 of us were going to be outsourced and they pulled back on that because the employee survey (company wide) was absolute shit. Less than 30% of the company has trust in the upper management. No one is happy. Over half are actively looking for new employment. So they gave us a half day off and a pizza. Now do you feel appreciated? No.

They are apparently coming partially to mend fences. The open position is going to be filled after 6 months of no one. I am not fooled. That doesn’t mean crap.

The job I was mistakenly passed over for so that they could hire someone externally with no experience is going to be vacant soon. He is leaving. I have to do his work until they open the position and then re interview for it. And I can interview again. No guarantees. No extra pay when I now have to do the work of 6 people.

Do I feel appreciated? No.

I’d better get this job.

5 gone. That is the rumor. 5. There aren’t a lot of us.

There are rumors.

It will be terrible. There will be law suits. I will lose my house. I don’t know when. I don’t know who. I don’t know how many. I don’t know how much notice I will get.

You will not be losing your job this year.


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