day 12 – another bendy day

Today’s video is another yoga challenge. The last one was pretty popular so I hope this is too. You all know the drill by now. #withcaptions


One thought on “day 12 – another bendy day

  1. Haha loved this! FYI for the arm balance with the leg straight balanced over the opposite elbow and the back leg out straight (one leg sage koundinya’s pose 2 according to Darren Rhodes), the prep for it is a twisted forward lunge with hands in prayer. Then you can plant your hands down on the ground, reach your front leg straight and out and push off the back foot (if that made any sense at all!). I just learned this pose two weeks ago (can only do it well on one side), and found this was the easiest way to get into it 🙂 Love your confidence and sense of adventure!

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