I am so damn busy

Last weekend I noticed that I really have no time. I mean, I have known this for a while, but I finally wrote down all that I did that weekend. I fill up every free minute I have and then feel bad taking any time to just sit and do nothing or watch tv or play video games. I have lost all time for myself and for friends. I make time, but it isn’t as available as it used to be.

Here is what I did this weekend:
· worked my day job Friday
· stopped briefly at home after work to let the dog out and grab everything for the glow night at the studio
· spent 3 hours setting up and chasing down the glow paints that should have been there but the studio owner dropped the ball
· taught class
· hung out with some of the girls who came to class while I pulled everything down
· knit one hat plus part of a second
· knit 2 socks
· took class Sat am, walking there and back
· tried to track down my last W2 to no avail
· made pasta sauce from scratch from the tomatoes I grew. It was 100% made from things that came out of my garden and I used half on the stuffed shells I also made
· filmed next week’s youtube video
· edited the video which took a lot more time because I was about 30 seconds from finishing and it crashed and I had to do it again. It also has a lot of images and sounds that I had to add in. I am doing a calling you out on your bullshit video and that requires the screen shots of each message be added for specific amounts of time and all contact data removed. I also added in a teaching time segment which had obnoxious graphics that I am proud of myself for figuring out and a ‘fancy’ splash screen with different music. And I had to do a color correction again.
· recorded the above mentioned music
· made the thumbnail, I got creative with this one
· did the laundry
· washed a bunch of dishes and finally emptied the dishwasher
· cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer
· took out the trash and recycling
· put all the glow night stuff in boxes and stored it in the basement

I had a class cancelled today due to not enough people signing up. I feel like I didn’t get enough done and I should do more. I ate a bunch of cookies instead of finishing the sewing on the hat and continuing to knit or cleaning or vacuuming my house.

For my sanity, I need something to change. Ideally that would be the videos taking off so I had a more flexible schedule and was just doing what I want and not feeling stuck at a desk 8 hours a day. It would be different if there was a chance to move up to an office and actually make a decent wage. Why can’t the things I love doing be enough to pay the bills? Also, none of those require all the degrees I have. Not like my desk job does either.


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