what I want out of life

I promised I would write more, and I am. I don’t want this blog to end up being just a string of posts promoting myself, but there will probably be some of that in here as well.

I finally decided what I want in life.

The odds are stacked against me.

But I know where I am aiming.

I have been really busy and thinking about what I want to drop so that I have enough time to complete what I want and to see people and not just work 24/7. I need to drop a job. But in order to do that, I need to make more at one or more of the other three to be able to live (yes, I work four jobs). And I was thinking about each of my jobs and why I do them and how I feel in general.

I want to control my own life.

I want to be the boss. I don’t want to work for a large company that refuses to promote me even though I am qualified and constantly passes me over and offers terrible benefits and no raises.

I want to be able to go where I want and work from wherever I am.

I want to have time.

I want to be able to travel and dance and see my friends and my nieces.

I want to leave my desk job.

I want to be able to grow my youtube channel to the point that it covers the amount that I make at my main job and hopefully a little more, and then leave my day job. I will continue to teach fitness classes and sell knit/crochet items because I really love doing that. Craft wise, I am the boss and I can dictate when I work and when things ship and what I have in stock or will make. Fitness wise, I don’t work that many hours and I can decide to not take on more even though right now I take on as much as I can. But with the day job gone, I will have much more time. And I really like being creative and having a community and doing the youtube thing.

How do I get from here to there?

I have 5 subscribers and a little over 100 views. I need much more to leave my job. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 250K views / video.

So I have to promote which I hate doing. I hate promoting myself because I am afraid of people not liking it or getting upset at my promoting. I don’t want to stand face to face with someone I know and hear them say I suck. I am much more ok with reading it online and distancing myself from it.

I also need others to promote. There is only so far one person can reach. I need people to like what I am doing and watch it, and watch the ads. I need them to subscribe (more subscribers and consistent activity on a channel will cause youtube to promote the channel as recommended more frequently) and like the videos and comment and share and add to playlists.

I need to boost all of my followers in all social media so that I have a further reach.

And I need a miracle.

Then later a new camera and a mic and lights and all that jazz.

I hate asking people to do this, but please check out the youtube and like, comment, subscribe, share, etc if you are so inclined. And please don’t skip the ads.


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