I hate New Years resolutions. I don’t really know why people make them.

Why is one day for some reason better than any other to decide to do something different? Same thing goes for everyone saying they will start things on Monday. What is wrong with Thursday? With today? Why put things off?

And why make large sweeping resolutions that you probably won’t keep?

The resolutioners at the gym drive me nuts. They fill the gyms for the first 2-6 weeks of the year and then give up. I spend this time driving around parking lots and parking on side streets. My classes fill which is great but then depressing when the numbers subside. If you want to make that change, I 100% support you. I just hate seeing the droves of people come only to quit in a few weeks. The people who aren’t dedicated. The people taking up my parking spots and using all the lockers. Some will stay, sure. But in general they make January crazy to work in fitness (spoken by a current fitness instructor and former lifeguard at gyms).

Resolutions are usually not concrete things. That is part of why they fail. If I resolve to lose weight, and I lose 2 pounds but then gain it back, did I fulfill my resolution? In a way, yes. Done. Go home and eat ice cream now.

And on the topic of losing weight, why is everyone so damned concerned with the number on the scale? Yes, it does tell you something, but it isn’t about a damn number. Muscle weighs more than fat. It is about how your body is health wise and how you feel.

I have spent the vast majority of my life (since I was 5) self-conscious of my weight. I remember the first time I felt fat. I was in kindergarten and there was a girl who weighed less than I did and I remember looking at her and wishing I weight that. Age 5.

Since that time, I let the scale dictate my life. I withheld food. I worked out. I focused on little parts of my body. I have spent years trying to mend from all of this and focus instead on how I feel and what my body can do. I can do amazing things, and so can all of you. Focus on the strength. Focus on the flexibility. Focus on the power. Forget the number.

Oh and side note to all those skinny girls who spend hours in the mirror staring at that small pooch on their stomach that NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE (I’ve been there, I am in the mirror next to you doing the same thing), that pooch is your uterus. Don’t try to exercise away your organs.

So this year I made no resolutions. Instead I made a list of goals for myself. Concrete things that I hope to accomplish this year. Things like organizing my basement and redoing my bedroom and guest room (I have a year to save and Ikea is in town, it shouldn’t be that hard to do). Things like flexibility and strength goals that I am working towards. Things like trying to fill my classes and spend more time with friends and go out in general more. Things like growing my YouTube and Etsy and spending time with family and finally putting more pages in my scrap books (I have pictures ready to go, just need to find the time). Basically it boils down to doing something I don’t feel comfortable doing – putting myself out there more. That and making time to do the things I want to do and not just those I need to do.

These are concrete things that I generally want to do because I want them. Not some resolution that I am doing because society wants me to. So I hope to get them done. I have a checklist on my phone and I will update with my progress.

Love yourself. That is my resolution for you. Love yourself.


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