fragrant jewels review

I am finally getting around to reviewing the candles that I mentioned a few months ago. I wanted to wait until I had burned all of the candles I ordered and got to experience the smell and find the ring inside. This is not at all sponsored. I am doing this out of my desire and not by any request.

These are Fragrant Jewels candles.

I ordered 3 candles originally. I wanted to get a mix and also get the free shipping which required 2-3 candles, depending on the size. I also had a free ring promotion.

They didn’t start off great. I didn’t get my free ring and one of the candles was broken upon arrival. They have no way to call them and I had to wait for an email. After waiting several days between emails and sending pictures of the broken candle for verification, they did make it right and sent me both a free ring and a replacement candle.

So the smell is nice. I got a lemon one, cranberry pear, and spiced apple. There is a decent amount of smell produced but not a whole lot so it doesn’t really fill a large space. They burn evenly. I was hoping to be able to use the glass containers after burning, but I wasn’t able to get the wick holder out of the bottom and there was a film on the inside. Plus the label did not come off easily so I gave up on that idea.

The rings are all similar. It is nice that you can order in your size and that they include a code to check how much each ring is worth. All of mine were the cheapest amount – $10. Some I like more than others. Here is a picture of each one:






There are 5. One for each candle (I fished the one out of the broken candle) and one free ring. You can see the similarity in design. I think they are all glass.

So basically you get a $10 ring you can’t pick and may or may not like and a decent candle but you are going to shell out $25 plus shipping per candle. It seems to be better as a gift for someone you don’t know well or as a niche product. But the shipping isn’t always on time and with the issues with breaking, I’d suggest ordering way ahead if you are going to give it to someone.

Also a tip on getting the ring out – wait. Wait longer than you think. The entire packaging must be in liquid wax. It won’t stand up outside the candle. You will need tweezers. It will have wax on it. No matter how hard you try. The packaging helps but won’t keep all the wax out. I left my candle lit and fished out the ring. I placed it on paper towels and wiped off the wax. Then I peeled off the foil and wiped off more wax. Then I pulled the ring out of the plastic bag and used the tweezers to hang it over the candle and melt off any wax.


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