no more candy on Halloween

I will no longer be giving out candy on Halloween, nor anything else. I came to this realization last night. Why?

1 – children are brats. Not all, but many are. I watched child after child knock on my door and say nothing, take way more than 1 when I said take one (and then insisted and scolded, what are the parents doing?), and not even thank me.

2 – parents just want candy or aren’t present. Those toddlers? No need to be out. I get going to a few neighbors that you know and they can maybe eat a piece of candy and it is more seeing everyone, but those kids I have never seen and their bags were full. Just buy your own candy. And control your rude children.

3 – I wasn’t having fun. Related to the above. My dog was upset, no one paid attention to my doorbell not working, it was too cold to hang out outside, and children were rude as hell.

4 – I stopped wasting my time waiting and just put out the candy with a take one sign and it got worse. For a while no one came by and I kept looking every once in a while to see little decrease in the amount of candy. Then I heard some hub bub of a child outside. An hour later I go out there to end it (10pm, late enough, I almost stopped at 9) and there is a handful of candy left. So either 500 kids walked by unnoticed in that hour or those asses took over 500 pieces of candy. And to top it off they ate some and left wrappers and pieces they spit out on my porch.

5 – the cost. No benefit for me. Just expense. Then treated like I was. Forget it. I will decorate because I like to and make cookies and dress up but that is it. No more candy. I’m done.


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