fitness challenge final post

Yep, it is over. I finished the instructor part of the challenge and a lot of my students finished as well. Prizes start being handed out today.

During the challenge I managed to lose a toenail and slice my hand open on a bookcase while practicing but I pushed through. It really wasn’t that much more than normal.

Final count:
Rounds learned – 1
Classes taken – BarreAmped fire – 4, Yoga – 1, PiYo – 8
Classes taught at gym – 4
Classes taught at studio – 11
Total – 29

The instructor challenge was 5 at the studio (done). Student was 18. Clearly I would beat that if all of mine were counted.

Fitness instructor life, right?

New fitness pictures will be taken next month. I am excited.

I issued my own challenge for this month but it required people to come to 10 of the 14 total classes I am teaching and so far everyone has eliminated themselves. Oh well. Onto other things. I need the time to get some craft stuff done. Only one craft fair this year but I need to produce for that and orders. I just don’t have time for more with everything else going on.


2 thoughts on “fitness challenge final post

    • I love PiYo live. I have been doing it for over 2 years and teaching for about 8 months. This is the only format I currently teach. I might be partial. It is corny but PiYo is my soul mate workout. It has changed my body and my mind. The live program is a little different than the home one but they have the same basics.

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