fitness challenge post 4

We are now 3 weeks out of 5 done with the challenge.

I am a little sore but not really much more than usual. I did lose a toenail but that is how it goes.

I got an email from the studio owner and apparently my bonuses change what they are based on month to month. She never told me but if I took 2 or 3 classes in July I got a bonus. So that was good to know today… I am hoping I did so but I really don’t know. Then next month my “bonus” is 3 free classes for friends. I don’t know if I get paid for them showing up as I don’t get paid for people who cancel (even though they are charged a fee) or Class Pass people. My bonus for this month I knew about which was tied to getting new members. I just wish I knew things ahead of time and there was some consistency.

I will be getting this free shirt. I just wish I could also be entered to win the gift basket of coupons and things from local businesses.

Fitness instructors don’t get paid much. If you go to one you like, be sure to thank them.

I have a bunch of classes during the last week that I am teaching but for this week and next, the numbers are slowly going up.

Current count:
Classes taken – BarreAmped fire – 3, PiYo – 5
Classes taught at gym – 2
Classes taught at studio – 6
Total – 16


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