It has been a few long days since I last posted. I saw the oral surgeon again today and he cleared me to talk and eat solids. That is the good news. The bad news is it hurts like a mofo to do so and I am supposed to suffer through it. Also, I am still in pain and swelling which has him stumped. So I am supposed to force my life to normal for a week and see what happens. He then wants me to research some rare conditions it might be and see him if they fit. If not and I am still symptomatic, he wants me to see a neurologist.

He said he sees nothing wrong in my mouth now and that my teeth and gums look great and healthy.

So there is that.

My old dentist called my direct line at work. No word from the office manager that was supposed to call Monday. I answered because I work with VIPs for the company and I have to answer when they call, even on vocal rest. My old dentist bitched at me for answering and insinuated that I am not in pain and making this up. He then mentioned my x-rays that are 8 months old (he didn’t take new ones) and that he copied them for me which I did not request. He told me to take them to an ENT because I have some small cysts in my nasal cavity. 1 that doesn’t explain this, he even said that. 2 I already know I have allergies. Cysts are very common in people with allergies, they make eyes water and the nose get puffy. They only require intervention when symptomatic. So thanks for wasting my time, further hurting me, and overall being a real douche.

I have been thinking about it and I am allergic to betadyne. Maybe the jerk dentist changed how they clean their tools and I got some under my gums. So I took some benadryl and we will see what happens.

PiYo wise, I am still teaching, can’t really afford not to. Plus I love it. I subbed for a very picky class on Monday and it was awesome. Everyone stayed and left sweaty. I had 25 people and about a quarter of those came up to me to tell me how awesome it was and ask where I taught. And I got a round of applause at the end. That felt really good. Then tonight I had a full class of 16 at the studio. I am starting to get a following and the studio owner mentioned possibly giving me a bonus which would be so great.

This is what happens to my face after teaching (omg puffy):


Yes, I look miserable. I am.

Fitness challenge update:
Classes taken – fire 2, PiYo 2
Classes taught at gym – 1
Classes taught at studio – 4
Total – 9

In other news, my second niece was born last Friday, everyone is doing well.


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