off to the oral surgeon

Yeah another dental post.


I was up all last night in pain. I woke up and it hurt so bad I couldn’t stand to move my jaw. So I went to my boss’s dentist after our conference call. He sent me to the oral surgeon.


That was my ingenious way of having a hands free ice pack at work.

Long frustrating story short, I am now on oral antibiotics, an antibiotic rinse, steroids, a liquid diet, and vocal rest. Of course I am still teaching but I am trying to minimize the cues and only talk during the workout. I am trying to keep my jaw still and using a mic. It is still bad for me but I just have tomorrow and then not again until Monday.

Until I can talk and whenever I’m not teaching, including before and after class, I have a notebook.


It is awesome, super-awesome even. I have some nicely written form answers to make it a little easier and I know some ASL which helps. I am trying to be positive.

I got some things for my liquid diet. I already had fruit, now cut and frozen, and almond milk for smoothies. I froze as much solid food as would keep. Here is my haul from the store:


If you want to get odd looks, buy only liquids and ice cream. I did get vegetable and fruit juice and probiotic smoothies so I won’t get ill from the antibiotics. I don’t know if this is enough liquid or not. I have soup.

It is really hard to get enough to eat on a liquid diet. I got less than 1000 calories today even eating ice cream for dinner. And steroids make you not only angry, but hungry. So that is fun…

Challenge counts:
Classes taken – 0
Classes taught at gym – 0
Classes taught at studio – 2
Total – 2


2 thoughts on “off to the oral surgeon

  1. oceanoffear says:

    I have been following your story and it sounds so horrible for you. I hope that it sorts it’s self out so you can get on with your normal life!


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