not sleeping aka more on dentists

I saw my dentist today for a follow up on my pain. He flat out refused to make time to see me when I called on Friday. I thought I was making progress because I was finally able to eat soft solids on Saturday and Sunday. Boy was I wrong.

It was hurting a lot more today and then I get to the office. He pokes me and makes me bite down (hot damn that hurts) and then asked a few questions.

He then gives me fluoride. “Prescription strength.” He emphasized give. So I am supposed to be grateful you aren’t listening and are giving me something pointless to see if it works and call back Thursday? Ok. Thank you. Bye.

Fluoride. He gives me fluoride enriched toothpaste. I already brush with that at a lower concentration and use fluoride enriched mouthwash. Made for kids but it works, prevents cavities, and doesn’t burn. I’m all for that.

Putting aside my current use, fluoride is for dentin loss. I have no symptoms of that. I am not at all temperature sensitive. I am living on hot soup and popsicles. Hot, cold, nbd.

Instead I have all the symptoms of an infection, likely caused by the hygienist. I even had positive bite test results for infection today. Delaying treatment can lead to all sorts of terrible things (root canals, tooth extraction, tooth loosening and loss, sepsis, heart disease, facial infection, hospitalization, coma, death, etc).

And tonight the pain got way worse. I was crying. I finally got some relief and then the pain woke me up. I took some narcotics but that isn’t really helping enough to sleep.

So why am I awake? My dentist.



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