fitness challenge post 1

Yes, this will be a series.

At the small fitness studio where I teach, we are having a 5 week challenge. Members are asked to do 18 classes in that time and they get prizes for doing so and entered in a grand prize drawing. Each class over 18 gets another entry. Teachers are challenged to take 5 classes in addition to what they teach.

I take 2 classes a week outside of this studio and teach normally about 6-8 times at the studio in 5 weeks. But I also sub somewhere else and I do so somewhat frequently as it is the summer and a lot of people are on vacation. I have at least 2 classes to teach during the challenge time. Plus the studio is adding extra classes for me during the challenge.

To make it harder, the owner wanted me to do a different PiYo round each day this week as I am teaching 3 days in a row. She doesn’t see the benefit of consistency in learning which I see, especially since so many students are brand new. Anyway, she pays me so I am doing it and then going back to my standard round for my normal Wednesday class.

Today was day 1 for me. The challenge started yesterday. I am going to keep track of all my totals here to show myself and y’all how many classes a fitness instructor who only casually teaches one format teaches and takes in comparison to what is being asked of the members.

Classes taken – 0
Classes taught at gym – 0
Classes taught at studio – 1
Soreness out of 10 – 3



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