As a follow up to my dentists post, I now have a problem with hygienists. Or at least with the one I saw yesterday.

Clearly they must be on a similar level of evil based on what they do for a living.

Prior to yesterday, the only real issue I have had is hygienists who treat me like a child. And the occasional one who doesn’t let you spit as often as you would like or squirts you with the water on accident.

But yesterday this all changed. I had a terrible teeth cleaning experience with the hygienist. This was my first time with her and she started out great. She was the only one to not try to make me feel bad or talk down to me for needing the gas. She kinda took it at face value and moved on. She offered to turn it up and let me have it on for the entire visit which they don’t always do. I thought, ok, we are starting out good here. Then she started cleaning. She was turning the evil hook of torture in an odd way so it kept poking my gum with the point and occasionally snagging my gums. It was terrible. I had blood coming out of my mouth and down my chin. Not too far off of this picture:

8-4-2015 12-19-41 PM

It was so painful. I thought that she might just be overzealous with the cleaning and maybe it is a good thing for me. Maybe I really needed that. But the turning of the hook and poking of the gums, I didn’t need that.

The dentist came in and I heard the two of them scoffing at me requesting to keep the gas on while he was there. He didn’t talk to me. Just looked at my teeth, told me I had 1 watch spot (down from 15 last time which was the first visit in 16 years), no cavities, and no gingivitis. Said my gums were bleeding. Duh. Then he talked to the hygienist about her kids and left.

I was handed the tooth brush kit thing and given oxygen to come off the gas and then led out.

My teeth and gums hurt so bad I couldn’t eat solid foods but I thought that wasn’t too abnormal after a cleaning that lasted an hour. But they are still hurting today. And the gums are bruised, swollen, and scabbed. That is not normal.

I am really not ok with this. I still can’t eat solid foods. And I was treated like crap.

Can’t anyone just treat me like a normal human adult when I go to the dentist and not talk down to me for wanting the gas? The gas doesn’t even really help. It just lets me focus on something else. The cleaning still really hurts. I felt every stab. And I still feel anxious the whole time. Dental fears are really common so back the heck up. Stop scoffing at me and treating me like a child. And please don’t rip my gums to shreds with that stupid hook. Clean them, yes, clean under the gums, ok. Don’t poke the gums. I shouldn’t leave with bruises unless I had surgery.


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