I hate the dentist. Hate going. Hate everything about it. There has to be something at least slightly off with you to want to work inside people’s mouths.

8-4-2015 12-19-41 PM

I have had bad experiences (drilled a baby tooth with no numbing anything and exposed a nerve when I was 5 and called me a woosey cry baby, put in a temp filling, took that out 2 weeks later and put in a real filling, tooth fell out a month after) and I really don’t deal well with the anxiety of going. I didn’t go for about 16 years from after I had my braces off until last year. I had no cavities in that time by the way (go me) and only have one in an adult tooth. My dentist is really awesome about giving me gas before I have to sit in the chair so that I can “relax.” Honestly, I don’t relax. I just focus on the fuzzy feeling and try not to rip my face off, scream, hit the hygienist, and run away. They are hopeful that I will be able to have an appointment without gas. Sure.

The last time I went my hygienist was out on vacation and I had someone else. She didn’t get my anxiety and treated me like a child. I am 30. I just don’t like the scraping and poking and people trying to remove part of my tooth (seriously has happened a lot, I have some cusp on one tooth only, many hygienists have tried to scrape it off).

8-4-2015 12-17-45 PM

Maybe I’m an anti-dentite.

Yes, I am going today. No, I am not happy about it.


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