99 problems

I got 99 problems but you know the rest

1. Sunburn
2. Bug bites
3. Heat
4. Humidity
5. Insomnia
6. Irritability
7. Tomatoes won’t ripen
8. Zucchini plants not as productive as they should be
9. Yard that I ripped out still is over half weeds
10. Lawn mower needs to be replaced
11. Pepper plant not producing a thing
12. Too much sage
13. Too much basil
14. Too much oregano
15. Too many hot peppers, none ripe
16. Blueberry bush is just a stick
17. Flowers died
18. Grass keeps growing in my flower garden
19. Purple in my hair fading
20. Haven’t seen friends in a while
21. Don’t even remember the last date I had
22. AC bills
23. PiYo class sizes aren’t steady or growing
24. Charter issue
25. Tire has a slow leak
26. Dog keeps shedding
27. Yard has to be mowed too often
28. Sore
29. Teaching both too much and not enough
30. Deciding if I will do craft fairs this year
31. Craft orders
32. Haven’t talked to my brother in a while
33. Typing on this phone
34. Waiting on packages
35. Dentist tomorrow
36. There is never enough money
37. Stressed
38. IE project
39. Down the Rabbit Hole project
40. CERT testing
41. Applied for a promotion
42. People who will hate if I get promoted – Amie
43. Gina
44. Ashley
45. Barb
46. Stefanie
47. Probably others
48. Waiting to hear about the promotion
49. Editorial
50. P2P
51. Traffic
52. The person who keeps taking my parking spot
53. Hot car
54. Low blood sugar for undiagnosed reasons
55. Limited access to healthcare
56. My postal worker
57. GI issues
58. Allergies
59. Missing my niece
60. Don’t get enough family time
61. Family issues
62. More family issues I don’t want to go into
63. Poor body image
64. Anxiety
65. Doubt
66. Missing my ex
67. Missing my ex’s family
68. Not being missed
69. Feeling unappreciated
70. Feeling like I should workout more
71. Feeling inadequate
72. Tired
73. Other drivers
74. Stuck in a rut
75. Don’t know what to cook
76. Sick of food
77. Trying to get off of soda
78. Needing energy drinks to teach
79. Cost of energy drinks
80. Underpaid
81. Bosses started coming in early
82. No quiet time at work
83. Decommissioned servers
84. Lonely
85. Roach found inside
86. Water in basement
87. Ikea isn’t open yet
88. Feel like I should do things I am not motivated to do
89. Terrible tires from dealership
90. Dog needs his nails trimmed
91. Fear of being judged
92. Laundry
93. Dishes
94. Chores never end
95. Being an adult
96. No snap chat followers or whatever they are called
97. Too many emails
98. Looking at this list
99. Headache

On the bright side, these aren’t that bad. I can eat and have a roof over my head and 3 jobs to pay the bills.


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