why I no longer have cable or internet at home

Long story short, there are other options (phones do a lot, wifi at many locations where you can bring and even plug in your laptop, and receivers to get basic channels) and Charter is terrible. You can stop reading now. Or you can read on to find out why Charter sucks.

Reasons I left Charter and feel the need to tell the world about:

  1. They got rid of all of the smaller plans. I only need 10 channels max. They made it so you need to have way more than that and the price is way more than I want to pay. So I got rid of that years ago. Hello Hulu and Netflix and my receiver that gets basic channels. I don’t need more than that and my DVDs (and VHS tapes because yes, I still have a VCR). I mainly use TV for background noise anyway.
  2. The internet price kept going up too. I actually don’t stream at home. I only use Hulu at work for background noise and if I really want to, I will stream at a coffee house. Thank you laptops. I only used internet when I had guests or rarely when I wanted to do other things and not use my phone. But I upgraded and the phone works just as well. I don’t want to pay $60 a month to almost never use a service that is spotty at best when it works. Which brings me to the next point.
  3. Charter always cuts out. I had to reset my modem at least every 3 days. It would always be out and I called countless times to find out that my area was experiencing a down time and they didn’t know when it would be back. But the bill still comes.
  4. The saga of the first time I moved with Charter.
    1. I knew I was moving so I called to have my services transferred from the one place to the next. They have that as an option. So it should work, right? Wrong.
    2. They cancel service at one location and start it up at another but keep all of your banking information the same. Then you need to set up an entirely different login if you want to access it online. Which is a pain but ok, fine, my billing date changes.
    3. They billed me for BOTH places for 2 MONTHS. So I get on the phone and call and they say ok sorry, let me fix that (after talking for HOURS with many different people).
      1. That should be the end of this part, right? Wrong.
      2. They did credit my account for the overpay (yay) but it took 2 more months. But I get my money. We are done here, right? Wrong.
      3. They didn’t fix the other account and did something weird to it so the account thought that I still owed them for 2 more months but they removed my credit card information so it didn’t bill me. Instead they sent me to collections and dinged my credit score.
      4. I called again and again and again and spent countless hours with many different people until they finally 0’d out that old account, removed the information from collections, and fixed my credit report which took 6 months. Now we are done here.
  5. On not 1 but 2 occasions a Charter technician was sent to my apartment building to connect service for my upstairs neighbors (several different people lived there while I was there and these were the only two times someone was set up) and to connect the neighbor, they cut my line and used it. Cut my line. CUT MY LINE. Yes, I went without cable or internet for days and had to call multiple times again and even take time off of work to be there to have it turned back on. I did get them to refund me for the days I was without service, after talking to many supervisors, but no one cares about the time off. The second time it happened, the guy didn’t want to deal with me on the phone and when I asked for a supervisor, he transferred me to the Spanish line. I only speak Spanish in a very slow very childish where is the bathroom level. It was lucky that the Spanish representative also spoke fluent English.
  6. If all that wasn’t enough, the saga of me cutting off my internet service (I cut the cable first, internet more recently).
    1. I was done when they raised my rate again so I called to either have it lowered or cut off. Clearly Charter doesn’t care about anyone or anything so they said fine go away. But you need to bring your modem to the store. This was 3 weeks ago (this timeline is important). My internet went out that night, I unplugged the modem and brought it in 2 days later.
    2. When I had called, I had a pending debit to Charter. They told me they would remove it and it wouldn’t take the money out and then I would be billed the small amount remaining for a few days of service. Didn’t happen. So they owe me.
    3. I had moved again 8 months ago…with Charter. This is important to know. They mailed a BILL to my old addressA BILL.
    4. I called again. It has been 3 weeks since I cancelled and they tell me to disregard the bill because it is indeed a bill (I didn’t see it, just heard it was there) but it was printed before I cancelled? Printed 3 weeks ago? Sure…
    5. So where is my refund? I had them update my address because their backwards ways didn’t do that automatically which they should have. Where is it? Oh I have to wait 3-6 weeks from when the services were cancelled. It has been 3 weeks, so anytime from today until 3 weeks from now, right? Wrong. It is after it processed at Charter. So maybe add a day or two, right? Nope. They processed it the day I called about the bill. Yep, took them 3 weeks to process. So I have to wait 6-9 weeks after cancelling my service to get refunded for a payment they shouldn’t have taken and said they cancelled.
  7. I wish I could say I am done but alas, I am still waiting on the refund which I will believe when I see it as I don’t put it past Charter to bill and send me to collections again.

At this point, I have posted on Charter’s facebook and here and will continue to be vocal until I get my refund. If I don’t get it on schedule or if another bill is sent, I will be alerting every media outlet. Brace yourselves Charter, I will not let you walk all over me.


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